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Grant agreement 2005319 - A project co-ordinated by Tabac et Liberté

General Practitioners and the Economics of Smoking Cessation (PESCE)

Executive summary and recommendations

In the frame of PESCE project 31 organisations from 27 countries have developed evidence-based policy recommendations and practice-based implementation strategies to increase the engagement of General Practitioners in smoking cessation in Europe. The project ran from August 2006 to June 2008 under the leadership of Tabac & Liberté (France) and was co-funded by the European Commission Public Health Directorate. ENSP was a collaborating partner.

At an expert workshop on 10 December 2007 in Warsaw, the fifteen policy recommendations mentioned above were elaborated by 33 experts from 18 countries based on the scientific evidence collected in the project. At a stakeholder conference in Barcelona on 27-28 March 2008, 96 stakeholders from 23 countries (including participants from the United States, Brazil and Uruguay) pooled their knowledge and experience and suggested a catalogue of measures to support the implementation of the PESCE policy recommendations on national level.

ENSP Framework Project 2005-2006

Health Professionals and Smoking Cessation (II)

ENSP Framework Project 2004-2005

Health Professionals and Smoking Cessation (II)

This project presents a European assessment tool to assess the quality of the strategies, policies and guidelines for smoking cessation combined with a European best-practice report and focuses on the positive role of healthcare professionals in smoking prevention and cessation.

ENSP Framework Project 2003-2004

Health Professionals and Smoking Cessation (I)

The project creates a network of health professionals and partnerships at country level in all Member States and also at European level to promote strategies on smoking cessation for health care providers.

ENSP Framework Project 2005-2006


Motivational Interviewing for Health Professionals

EUROSCIP III aims to develop a standardised questionnaire to measure smoking prevalence of pregnant women and make international comparisons and develop cohort analyses. 


ENSP Framework Project 2002-2003


The aim of EUROSCIP II was to encourage health professionals to participate in identifying intervention strategies to reduce smoking in pregnancy as well as to prevent subsequent relapse.


ENSP Framework Project 2001-2002

General Practitioners Empowerment (Phase II)

This project aimed to develop European guidelines on how to train doctors to sensitise their awareness of patients’ smoking habits and provide them with evidence-based tools to help patients to quit.

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