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Actions / Second-Hand Smoke

ENSP Framework Project 2003-2005

Protecting Workers from Passive Smoking

The main objective of this project was to collect, develop and disseminate information across Europe to help workers negotiate smoking policies at work, with a particular focus on those working in the leisure industry (restaurants, bars, nightclubs), as these workers are most at risk from passive smoking.

ENSP Framework Project 2004-2005

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Health Impact Assessment

Among other aspects, this study examines exposure measurements among barworkers both pre and post smoking ban in Ireland and highlights the health effects of the ban.

ENSP Framework Project 2004-2005

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Indicators

Indoor tobacco smoke or second-hand smoke (SHS) has been a growing concern in public health policies since the early 1980s. Authoritative reviews over the past two decades have presented scientific evidence linking SHS exposure to a number of adverse health outcomes.


Evidence-based Policy Development for the Prevention of Exposure to Passive Smoking

The aims of this project is to quantify levels of SHS in workplaces in a sample of 6 Member States and 2 candidate countries; describe these results by country, type of workplace and other relevant categories; compare and contrast these levels between several European cities; use the project results to raise social awareness of ETS and create a consensus to move ahead on policy development.

ENSP Framework Project 2001-2002

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure in a Sample of European Cities

This project aimed to design and test an information system for measuring ETS exposure in order to monitor the progress of smoking control policies and to improve air quality across Europe.

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